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“An Expression Of Love” is a unique picture book with an important message of love for families. This book offers a fresh perspective on the difficult transition of separation and divorce by supporting communication without blame or shame.

Sometimes you have to take things completely apart to keep your world together.

When the coupling between two parents is no longer healthy for the family, separation and/or divorce becomes necessary. This separation is often the most genuine expression of love between two people.

With the multitude of logistical details to be sorted, many parents struggle with expression and explanation to support their kids understanding of their new family paradigm. In this time of uncertainty, what kids need most, is to be assured of their parent’s unified love and unwavering commitment as they move forward.

This message of love and commitment inspired me to write my first book, “An Expression Of Love. “ 

The heartfelt story of parental uncoupling that delivers a positive message focused on love and growth, is written in a language that kids can easily understand. When my former husband and I began our divorce process, I searched for a book with language that expressed our unilateral, wholehearted love of our children. Unable to find a family or children’s book aligned with our approach to changing our family paradigm, I wrote this book for our daughters.

The written content is supported by beautiful watercolor art, which helps narrate the story and portray the emotions children and parents experience during this difficult transition. In addition, the book includes several blank pages for children to use for journaling or artwork. On the first Christmas Eve after our divorce, my daughter added a new drawing to her book. She shared the drawing with me and we talked about our new family paradigm. This book provided a safe place for her to express her feelings and was the tool she used to create the space for our communication.

Written with the intention of supporting open communication and reassurance of parental love, this book provided support in a moment where she felt the need to be heard. And in that moment, “An Expression of Love“ became a treasured keepsake in our family.

This book offers parents support in communication with their children and empowers children to find and express their own understanding. 

With Love, 

Laura Phoenix Power


A reflection of the worst, still there was hope.

A reflection of the worst, still there was hope.

Apart as a couple, together as parents the space was created for healthy relationships.

Apart as a couple, together as parents the space was created for healthy relationships.